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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Programme Overview


Programme Overview
Participants are placed in an organization to work for three weeks.  During placement, it is expected that participants will practice the values taught during the orientation process and gain meaningful experience while appreciating the concept of volunteerism. Participants are paid a stipend by the NYS at the end of their placement.

Programme Objective
NYS Summer Programme is geared towards the development young persons, facilitating opportunities to earn valuable work experience and making them more productive and efficient employees.

The Placement Site's Role
The organization is also expected to play a role in the participants' personal development through: Supervision and training, Exposure to varied work processes and Periodic job evaluation.

History of the Programme
The NYS Summer Programme was initiated under the direction of Reverend Garnet Roper at the First Missionary Church in 1993. The objective of the programme was to provide meaningful employment for inner city youth. Funding for the programme came from the Office of the Prime Minister with a donation of one million dollars. Based on the outstanding results, the newly elected Prime Minister, P.J. Patterson, did not hesitate to commit the NYS Summer Programme to become an official mainstay in the social landscape of Jamaica.

Reverend Roper envisioned the programme's establishment on a national level, available to youth in both rural and urban communities. His vision became a reality when he was appointed Chairman of the Social Development Commission (SDC) and the programme became one of the community-based initiatives of the institution. At that time, the National Youth Service (NYS) was a part of the SDC and, therefore, was intrinsically involved in the running of the programme; the NYS now operates the programme.

Since the 1990's the programme's budget has been steadily increased, with the last three years recording the largest allocation of 60 million Dollars.
In 2001 the programme was expanded to meet the needs of tertiary students and since that time the programme has managed to consistently employ over 4,000 young Jamaicans every summer. It is ensured that all who apply are interviewed with the prospect of receiving a summer placement. To date, over 50,000 young Jamaicans have benefited from the programme.

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