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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Programme Overview

...Volunteerism thrives within a particular social ethos, where charitable
acts are highlighted and viewed as heroic. Volunteerism also needs an
engine and must be aligned to higher ideals, such as nationalism or patriotism.
Volunteerism, the willingness to sacrifice without material reward, will not
survive within greed or isolation…

The National Volunteerism Programme.

The National Youth Service (NYS) has embarked on a drive to recruit volunteers across the island. This programme is tailored to meet the developmental needs of the country driven by voluntary time and effort. The programme seeks to strengthen the spirit of volunteerism in Jamaica through active engagement of the citizenry of our beloved nation. We intend to partner with individuals, groups or organizations that share the mission of volunteerism.  

To engage increasing numbers of Jamaicans, particularly young people, to make tangible contributions to the building of the nation through, one time, short term or long term voluntary project engagements.

Who is a Volunteer?
The volunteer is anyone who is willing to give any combination of time, talent and or treasure without the expectation of compensation.

Programme Objectives
•  To actively recruit and bring together individuals and groups who feel personal responsibility for community and national development through voluntary service.
•  To identify and implement projects which will increase voluntary involvement

NYS Portland Volunteers clean up the coastline along the Portland stretch-2012

Application .
The National Youth Service facilitates the process of enlisting volunteers and registering them on to a database for the purpose of linking them to specific projects.Application forms based on specific criteria for both parties (volunteer and project) are used for new enlistments of volunteers and projects. Volunteerism Programme enlistment forms are available at each NYS parish office or click here to sign up on line.  

Scope of Projects
Construction and Renovation
Repair of Community Facilities Repair of Indigent Houses
Beautification & Landscaping

Environmental Projects
Beach Clean Up Drain Cleaning
Park Clean Up Reforestation
Public Education

Social Engagement
Home Work Centres Mentoring Programmes
Sports Development & Training Cadets, Boys' Brigade, Girls' Guide, etc
Foster Care & Indigent Care Health Promotion
Medical, Dental & Optical Outreach  

NYS Volunteers removing graffiti from the Bus Park in Portland during Labour Day 2012

NYS Volunteers removing graffiti from the Bus Park in Portland during Labour Day 2012

National Benefits.
•  Volunteerism is self-replicating. The introduction of a properly managed programme is likely to multiply and spread rapidly across the social landscape.
•  Volunteerism is likely to create many positive side effects, such as the over all improvement in patriotism, civic-mindedness, community spirit, good neighbourliness, gentility, and general improvements in social concerns.
•  Volunteerism is likely to reduce social and community tension through the forging of local camaraderie and new inter and intra-class social alliances.
•  Volunteerism reduces the social responsibility of government and reduces the strain on the social service sector.  

Volunteers' Commitment
We ask that Volunteers conduct themselves in a way that would find them of impeccable character. This is achieved by:

•  Attendance as promised and as agreed with placement site.
•  Adherence to Rules and Guidelines as established by the placement site or the    NYS.
•  A commitment to the tasks being performed.
•  Respect for self and respect for others
•  Punctuality and where this is not possible inform your supervisor before hand
•  Exhibit a high standard of comportment and deportment at all times.

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